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If you are looking for
a Russian wife then you have found the right site.
Here we have more than 100 000 of beautiful Russian
women searching for their happiness with western men.
All the women are real and checked, so you will receive only real letters from real women, not from frauds. Our site for serious acquaintances with Russian women is not “mail order bride” site. We do not sell any emails or other contact information of our users, so you can be sure about confidentiality of the contact data provided by you.
You can always ask the women
for their contact data by yourself.

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Our tips on writing first letter to Russian women

  • First letter is very important as it gives to the woman general idea about you and what you are searching on the site. Do not write very long letters describing all your biography – most part of women will not even read it to the end and only the most desperate women will find courage to answer you. The first letter should be just several sentences long and it should give the main idea about you to the women – give them just key facts about you, and let them ask about details by themselves.
  • First letter should not be impersonal, otherwise it gives to the women idea that you are just copy-pasting it. Write name of the woman at the beginning of the letter, also look through her profile and ask some questions about her and about some details in her profile which caught your attention – the woman will appreciate such a letter where you showed your interest to her more than impersonal standard letter.
  • There are many women on the site, but for some reason you are writing to this woman – write her what made you write her, what seems to be so special about her (but in any case do not write that you were attracted by her breasts, legs or what else – women do not appreciate such approach when men see only body in them and they will either not answer you at all, or answer in a bad way). Avoid also such words as “sexy”, sweety”, etc in your first letter to the women which you like.

Your photos are very important

  • Many men do not place any photos on the site at all or place photos of very bad quality and after that they are very surprised that only a few women answer them. Though it may be surprising but women also want to see with whom they are corresponding and appearance of the man matters a lot for them (man should not be super-handsome, but they should be attracted by his appearance).
  • It is highly not recommended to place on the site nude photos, photos where you make your t-shirt up to show muscles. Such photos will only divert attention of women because they will think that you are interested in showing your body only, fun, and not in serious relationships. Photos taken in bath mirror by cell phone do not look too much good also. You need to show that you are serious guy with lots of interests, and your photos should prove this fact, not work against it.
  • Also some men for some reason are trying to hide behind the photos of some celebrities, pictures from Internet etc. Probably they believe that women do not suspect who is Brad Pitt. Women see fake photos at once and just do not answer to such men. It is much better to place your own photos on the site to see real response of women than to see fake response to fake photo. Place the photos of normal quality showing you at work, with friends, doing some hobby – such photos will catch more attention.

Jealousy can kill any relationships – when you start to accuse your woman that she might communicate with other men it is the road to nowhere. We believe it to be normal to correspond with several persons before real meeting, because in correspondence everything can be fantastic but only real meeting shows if you can have something with this woman or not.

How does payment for membership work? Do I pay for every letter or contact?

On our site you pay for the period of membership during which you will be able to communicate with the Russian women from paid galleries. You do not pay for every contact or email address, or letter. If you pay for Silver membership – you will be able to communicate with the Russian women from Free and Silver galleries during the period for which you paid, exchange your contact details with these women. If you pay for Gold membership – you will be able to communicate with the women from all the galleries on the site.

We check all the women on our site for serious acquaintances with Russian women to protect our users from scammers and frauds who come to Internet for profit only. On our site we have censor so letters with some certain words fall into it and looking through them we can detect women who ask for help or money on the site and delete them. If you communicate with woman via your personal email and she all out of a sudden asks for help then report her to us and we will take necessary measures.
On our site you can see status of the women regarding their last visit of the site (online now, visited within one hour, one day, etc). We have more than 100 000 Russian and Ukrainian women registered on our site, more than 10 000 women come on the site every day. The more often the woman visits the site – the more close you see her profile to beginning of search. If you write letters to the women from first 100 pages of search result then you can be sure to receive the answer soon.

Write her!

Do not wait until some other man will write to the woman of your dreams! If you like a woman let her know about that!

How can I meet a Russian woman if I like her? Do you arrange tours?

If you like some Russian woman, have passed certain period of correspondence on the site with her, called her and decided that you really want to meet in real and maybe develop your relationships further then we advise you to go and meet her. We highly do not recommend sending money to anybody whom you know just in Internet for her to come and see you in your own country, no matter how nice or appealing the girl seems to be there is a high risk that it can be just a scammer who wants just to get your money and that’s all. It will be better if you go and see the Russian woman in her own country, in that case you will see the woman in her usual conditions, maybe meet her friends and family, and protect yourself from attempts of scammers to take money from you. It is really difficult for an average Russian woman to receive visa to some Western country, not because the woman is fraud or not eager to go but because governments of western countries make everything possible to protect their countries from possible immigrants.

We highly do not recommend you send money for a woman to come to see you. If you send money to the women whom you know just in Internet then there is a high risk that you will be used by scammers who tell you about love just to get money. Better go and see her in her own country. We do not arrange tours, but if you need some information regarding your future trip we will be glad to help you with it. Also you can order visa on our site to make your trip to the woman of your dreams real.

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